Businesses succeed or fail on one critical asset – CUSTOMERS.

Whether a listed company, a retail store, a movie theatre, a consulting service, or a start-up business, if there is not a continual laser-like focus from day one on ATTRACTING & SATISFYING CUSTOMERS the business is doomed to failure.

Every businesses competes for the attention & spending power of consumers who are bombarded by attractive offers (otherwise known as advertising or marketing noise) from a myriad of diverse business enterprises owned by highly competitive business operators. When they spend their hard earned money at another enterprise, no matter how unrelated to your business, products or services, they have less to spend with you.

How YOU compete in the key business function of being top of mind and building & satisfying the wants and needs of your potential, target & current CUSTOMER BASE determines the volume of revenue that will flow into your business.

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All the content provided here is POWERFUL, potentially LIFE & BUSINESS changing information.
But as with any information it remains just that – information – unless you take something from it and APPLY it to your business and or your life.

We encourage all our members to learn, share, participate and act on these resources we have collated and shared for YOUR benefit.

Please feel free to add your comments, insights, successes and failures as comments below the content.
ALL of these elements can and will help someone else in their own journey in LIFE & BUSINESS – especially your failures and the lessons learned and applied as a result.

NB: FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce does not have any vested or commercial interest in any of the organisations referred to or linked to in this post.

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