At the end of last year a small group of highly motivated, skilled and experienced business people put their heads together to create and test the concept of a Business Chamber with a difference, in the Fourways area. In a matter of days and then in the weeks to follow, diverse groups of business owners were networking and strategizing JVs, strategic alliances and new product offerings for everyone’s mutual benefit.

There was a palpable buzz and energy around Eagle’s Nest Conference Centre who generously hosted all the activity. The excitement was around seeing things not just talked about but actually happening. It also came from witnessing new energy being poured into disheartened entrepreneurs, new enterprises being developed, ideas being birthed and earning potential being built. If speed of implementation is a factor of success, as indicated by the rapid pace of change in the marketplace, then the Fourways Community Chamber of Commerce definitely has its finger on the pulse as it drives meaningful action quickly and smartly.

As a business owner my own energy has been re-invigorated and I noticed how I was “gearing up” at the end of last year, rather than “shutting down” as so many of my colleagues and clients were doing. This means I hit the ground running at the beginning of 2017 which puts me in a strong position for the New Year.

However, it is not only in momentum that I gained but also in actual business rewards. I met and engaged with a multitude of new people who not only stimulated fresh thinking around my business, but have also opened up business opportunities worth a great deal in monetary terms for my business in the year ahead.

Lastly, with the needs of our society in South Africa so obvious after the #feesmustfall protests, the appalling unemployment figures and the slow rate of economic growth the fact that this Chamber is focused on community development, sponsoring those with potential to contribute to the growth of our country, and various other initiatives, I feel that it offers a much wider impact than just for myself. It gives me an opportunity to make a tangible difference where I might otherwise be feeling helpless in the face of such huge social challenges. I am so pleased to be a part of something that will have a ripple effect for good from this very promising start. I look forward to a long, rich and rewarding association with the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce.
Leigh Harrison

I know that there’s a lot of things to learn and apply to our business and would like to learn from all the professionals in the forum
Charmaine Hofer  

I love the awareness that the members bring into the sessions. It is a sign of positive growth.
Ntshikelelo Mzibomvu

Lelo’s presentation on Conscious vs Subconscious mind is very important, it could be followed up in future sessions with practical exercises.
Jasper Cloete

I really need to see change in my life in the next 2 months, significant change. It has to happen!
Ceasar Mathebula

Generational wealth is possible; we just need to have a mind-set shift. I have learnt practical principles to apply and act on daily to achieve my personal, business and family goals. The energy in the room was amazing, seeing everyone so passionate about changing their current circumstances and having the desire to leave a legacy. I’m still amazed!!
Sibongile Ngwenya

Leigh’s session – Hot Seat. I unfortunately did not attend the previous sessions but the Hot Seat enlightened me. I’m clear about my service/product offering but struggling in getting it off the ground. The insight gained from the questions posed has allowed me to step back and assess what alternative avenue/s to pursue. How do I get or raise the capital to fund my business? Is the main question that will assist me in moving forward on:
• Strategy
• Clarity
• Value – monetary

I enjoyed the Emotional Intelligence session. I feel it is a very important trait to be developed by respective individuals. This can birth sound relationships in families, communities, corporate.
Ella Matlapeng

Think Bigger. New insights. Good advice. Perspective from others.
Gary Bolt  

The plugging into the experience, wisdom and understanding of master mentors is phenomenal! Wisdoms teams are about accelerate the business development in South Africa.

This is exactly what I needed but never imagined/anticipated that I will receive in 1 place today.
I have been looking at an opportunity to network with like-minded people and I have definitely found the place.
Over and above I received tips on how to drive and excel in my business which to one area I did not know how to breakthrough or what vehicle to use to make it a success & this was just a bonus for free because this is not what I came here for.
I am grateful for this moment & I can definitely say that on 21st Jan 2017 I met people that changed my perspective & changed my life. “Turning point”.
Sibongile Ngwenya  

Another example of the incredible value EVERYONE has to offer and bring to the table when the correct environment is created.

It’s simple, I came once and my life has never been the same since which is the reason why I’m a registered member of the Chamber as one of the Ambassadors
Ceasar Mathebula

What impressed me most today:
– The discussion about planning from a generational perspective
- Interacting with like-minded people
- Trevor’s talk & experience
Ndu Phili

That session was an eye-opener to see that I am not the only one with challenges.
Nonhlanhla Mthunzi

I really enjoyed today. I really realised once again the value in the chamber. No on can deny results especially if the proof is in the pudding. Natural growth follows natural universal laws that guarantees either success or failure, if the right principles are in place, success is predictable.

I believe that everything that was covered today made me realise that I have to be intentional with moving/changing my mind-set. Exactly what I needed at this point in my life. The concepts covered, from changing and setting goals, motivation factors, defining key objectives through setting goals and executing on concepts. Creating networks as a key success for bringing concepts to life.
This was worthwhile, time well spent. Looking forward to the next sessions.
Sifiso Ngwenya

1. Emotional Intelligence
2. Goal-setting towards business
Winston Lehoko

Very thankful to be part of life-changing experiences that catch you off guard but at least get you thinking

Joel – excellent interaction and summarising lesson with practical truths
Monique – interesting topic. Scope for her to unpack the topic in further follow up sessions
Attendees – good participation
Jasper Cloete  

All three segments under discussion today were most beneficial to me and helped me with the realization that I can achieve much with the little bit of knowledge that I have and with more self-belief, I can now look at my business idea in a new way.

First session was a refreshment to the soul. Last session was a brilliant mirror for me as an entrepreneur
Audrey Mathebula

I was able to take learning from like-minded people. Find creative ways to make a strategy for the business. How people not in my environment can be able to identify some opportunities. I am looking for a sponsor for my membership. But in turn to give reports and move my business to be a testimonial. Thank you Ke a leboga.

Excellent session 10/10
Marco Freitas

I always learn new things. I always take something home that I can apply. I find that I’m actually closer to realising my dream, purpose and passion each time I attend. I’m just thankfully enjoying the journey of self discovery and embracing the reality of becoming a wealthy person.
Caesar Mathebula

Today was awesome. I have learnt a lot about business. I did not know how to structure the vision, missions etc. Now I know the basic skills which I am going to implement in my business. Thank you very much

The three sessions were beyond expectations! Every business person, no matter their position in the company, must attend at least one such session.

The potential here for business collaboration is infinite. The possibilities are endless as learning is the top value for me, these sessions are pure heaven.

The talk resonated on every level with my business, my business development and challenges. Invaluable hearing from divine background and experiences of participants

This is an essential platform for grooming for success in life and business
Joel Perry

A lovely process (journey) to more WISDOM!

I have learnt today that sitting and not talking about your skills will not take you anywhere and you should learn to take actions and a passion of what you love cos you never know where it might take you. Never put yourself down and you learn something every day.
Busi Thango

An invaluable morning spent gaining insights into “The Game of Life”, the importance of “systems in business”, and the value of networking with business leaders and experts

The love and warmth of learning. Thank you so much
Lerato Nakedi

An experience not to be missed by any entrepreneur who wants to unleash their true potential
George Joubert

I really appreciated all of the presenters
Pat Monteiro

I got the confirmation that the way I would like to conduct business is correct/on right path. Meeting like-minded out of the box thinking people!

Joel’s session made me rethink how I define my goals and question whether they do actually resonate with me.
Monique vdMeer

Today was a in few words: Out of this world. Ideas that have always been under my nose.

Enjoyed the ability to connect with various business owners across the spectrum – start-up to established. The presentation on marketing/social selling identified some key areas for consideration and improvement

Great session, justifying the manner in which we are built as human beings. The importance of Emotional Intelligence in the way we live, the way in which a decision is made, in which we interact with all others. The goal setting component was also priceless. Thank you again.
Sifiso Ngwenya

Enjoyed the areas of focus that out business needs. All appropriate and useful for our growth
Antony Hofer

What I have learnt from today that our emotional intelligence influences our goals in life.
Busisiwe Thango

The range of subject matter covered appealing to head and heart. For a non-systems person loved Ivan’s session on systems. There was talent in the room!

Passion is the major driving force towards success. How people view you is the result of how you portray yourself. I also learnt that good planning and hard work pays. Network is one of the key elements to success.
Siya Gcelushe

This is a breakthrough. I look forward to the future – growth, fun, profit
Carmen Nottingham

Once again a most amazing session. I am never disappointed by the quality and insight of the topics and speakers!
George L. Joubert  

Once again it was four hours of invaluable knowledge sharing by incredible presenters. This session is worth R1000s.

Had lots of experience and it helps to change the way we plan about a business, the study of how to deal with one-self and the outside world and the business world.
Buhle Tshabalala

Please let me know when Mark speaks again.
Margie Sierra

Thinking out of the box has never been so fun. The ideas and plans that came from this are priceless!

Amazing insights into people and life!
Viv Brown

It is always such a privilege to be part of a people that think beyond their current limitations and the unknown. Being open and willing is the key to grow any hardest paradigms any person can ever have.

Opened up some new structured thinking in learning from success
Networking and new ideas from input to leaving the next and unloading value
Grant Newell

Knowing and understanding self is important for one to be successful in business & relations.
I have learnt the importance of being brief and knowing how to explain your business in a few words to keep people interested.
I have also learnt the importance of planning in business to sustain your business – thinking things through while keeping bigger picture in mind – PURPOSE.
Sibongile Ngwenya

What we are busy with and what’s already been set in motion is nothing short of “A thing for whose Time Has Come”…
Personally I am passionate about the idea of using the power of business to change peoples’ lives and I feel The FOURWAYS Community Chamber is well positioned to achieve just that. I am excited to be part of this movement! Together we have the potential to bring something unique to our communities. One business at a time, One Family at a time, One Community at a time, A Generational wealth building in motion!
Muzi Kubeka
GIG CFI (Co-operative Financial Institution)
Muzi Kubeka

“I have had the privilege of serving in leadership positions in government, public institutions, industry associations, corporate, consulting and philanthropic organisations. I have never come across the kind of energy that I have experienced in the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce. It is humbling that we can witness such a positive attitude, friendship and mutual respect of one another in this Chamber. This is a special network with a difference. It is a network where everyone wins. Once you are part of this network your business will never be the same. This Chamber is writing its own history in the book of greatness. I have made the right choice to be part of this Community Chamber of Commerce. Let us join hands and make a difference.”
Sabelo Mahlalela,
Chairman of Ziya Group.
Sabelo Mahlalela

Never a dull moment amongst amazing people

The date last Friday was the 6th of January, 2017. Many people were still thinking about their New Year resolutions. Last Friday I got into an agreement with a member (whom I met here), for a business deal the remuneration for me enough to pay, if I went with the basic membership, for SIX YEARS!
Note the date: January 6th…a day before the end of the first week of 2017. We still have 51 weeks left. We have not even “officially” launched the Chamber. When was the Chamber launched? For me, the day I attended my first Coffee Club meeting. Is the membership worthwhile? I will say no more.
Committed to the Chamber,
Rose Ssali
I learnt a bit about my weaknesses and more
Sikhumbuzo Maisela

I don’t have words to describe the impact of all the 5 sessions my wife and I have been through.
Already, I believe that I am here because it’s time according to God’s divine purpose for the assignment us to come and do on planet Earth. I’m very thankful.
Ceasar Mathebula

If only 1000 business people were at today’s session we would go a long way to changing South Africa’s economy

First session and really impressed as to how it has been organised

Thought-provoking. Fun. Made me question my approach to business in terms of fundamental principles. Thank you!!
Richard Fowlds

I have learnt something I can teach to the next man. The presenters have done a great job in making it easy for me to understand networking, value addition and self-establishment.
I’ve met great people who will definitely change my way of thinking and acting.
Thank you guys.
Michael Suga

This is an invaluable experience for entrepreneurs
George L. Joubert  

I’ve learned that if you have ideas you need to share them with someone so that you can get feedback on what you are thinking or doing. “communication is key”.
Zandisile Nconywa

1. How we can use technology to save time
2. It is important to stand outside the frame to see the bigger picture
3. That by goal has to be specific to be clearly defined
Maria Lucas

Beyond words. Bulelane was the most amazing testimony of how to rise up against tremendous challenges and succeed.
Margie Sierra

The one principle based on the optimisation model was well worth the entire 4 hours. I see where I can apply it immediately
Rose Ssalli  

I have learned about the power of networking at events like this, in terms you will never know who is present at the event till you network with everyone

Really worth coming out today. I enjoyed the sessions although I came late.
Suniel Seejiram

Very inspiring sessions. The third session helped me because it was breaking down a problem for a service business – especially training/coaching. Very good.

I am happy about the dialogue of adding value through purpose. Very positive.

Great thinking. Great structure. Useful info.
Anthony Hoffer

From Izak, to Iain and Monique a process lead is to discover ourselves, our business and others less fortunate – WOW! Thank you

Lots of good info. Awesome how we were able to interrogate a business for better success.
Nirendra Singh

Communication on marketing and how it affects your business.
Suzette Sibold

1. Power of perseverance of knowling what you want in life – 1st session by Bulelani
2. Partnering strategically in business both internally with clients by 36
• This session uncovered my own challenges around being more operational in business and not pausing to reflect and work “on” the business
• Will definitely be contacting them to unleash
3. Clarity and business approach looking at value, current running costs and passion. This was eye-opening and I was applying the principles to questions in my own business to see how I can do things differently from this learning.
Sibongile Ngwenya

Leigh I’m taking this with me: “By dancing with the shifting sands, you will not fall over.” Thank you for reminding me that life is the way it is and you must be resilient.

Through Emotional Intelligence I’ve learned how to control my emotions in order to come up with or to make informed decisions.
I have learned that while I’m looking at the bigger picture I must also ensure accomplishment of my short-term objectives.
Freddy Nkomo

Love the fact that people’s expertise and knowledge is shared. Open discussions encourage support and advice from like-minded people within the community.

It was an eye-opening session. Leigh’s part helped me to understand what I need to do to sell my product better.

Working as a community you achieve more. I’m looking for genuine/truthful people to with and I think that the Fourways Chamber is offering that integrity

‘You will meet amazing business people who are interested in your business, open doors for you, and ask “what is on your wishlist?” and then help you to realise your dreams while making those of others happen. I am so thankful for the impact this group have had on my personal life and the business opportunities now available to me.’ – Rose Ssali – Sandton Institute of Diplomacy
Rose SSali

very informative and mind opening to options and my own faults and changes that need to be made
Jim Shekleton

Thank you for a great session today. Self-image and self talk are so critical and determine how well you sell! You have to get the book The Fixer by Iain Johnston

I learnt the importance of goal-setting and prioritising my time well as young as I am and being realistic about my goals.
Amogelang Morobane

Meeting, greeting and learning how to drive my own business
Jeff Lomey

What I have experienced is that one must be able to create residual income that can sustain my family long after I am gone.
Action is important It is one thing saying something and actually doing it.
Success is relative to one’s ambition.
Kgomotso Mphano

There is no need to walk alone. One of the reasons we succeeded at school was due to the continuous input at the classroom. We must continue to learn something about business weekly if we are to succeed in business

Every session exposes new hidden limitations and completely destroys ignorance. There are certain things in life you cannot do alone, but if you are open, willing, available and hungry for what you believe is achievable.. nothing will be impossible for you
Caesar Mathebula

Always exciting to be exposed to new people and their knowledge and perspective on life and business
Viv Brown

The collaboration and interaction since 4 November has been incredible in terms of movement. The speed with which thoughts are progressed is exceptional and have once again made me realise that speed is important and you either progress or regress (no stagnation). Decisions must be made and acted upon. Look forward to the 2017 execution of plans and objectives.
Izak Meyer

1. Life-Changing: stand your ground on who you are
2. Good: in knowing the importance of colour accounting that rings a lot of ease in the business
3. Priceless: to know and understand the price of synergy in business
Ella Matlapeng

Came hungry, left hungry (food?). Robust debate.

You’ll be amazed at what happens when like-minded people spend time together learning & sharing.
Viv Brown

Gill Bulletproof is very inspiring to humanity. It’s an amazing life story that can resurrect hopeless people around the globe
Leigh was very great how to build new sales strategies and never give up. Networking a powerful key component
Mark cave analogy is fueling an individual to keep pushing to get your best of your purpose
Ella Matlapeng

In a working life that spans 60 years, I was Blessed to work in many sectors of the economy and many different types of businesses – private, corporate, large and small. Having consulted for dozens of companies, founded four technology businesses from scratch, been Marketing and Sales Director and the Managing Director of a JSE-listed company, I feel I have learnt a little about people. I have worked in organisations which had more than 1000 employees. However, in my 60 years of business at all levels, within most of these previous organisations, I have NEVER been more enthusiastic nor excited about the Fourways Community Chamber of Commerce concept. I have worked with many different types of individuals but have never found a more visionary, street-wise, committed and willing group of people to team up with. I fervently believe that there is a Power at work here greater than any of us will ever comprehend which is guiding this TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) to much greater successes. We must never forget that! This group is under no illusion that one must look after oneself and one’s family first but we are all very aware of the need to motivate, inspire, advise and support anyone in a community, who becomes part of this TEAM. I look forward to a long and prosperous period serving this organisation.
George L. Joubert

1. Emotional Intelligence: I was truly impressed by the group talk we had based on the myths about emotions.
2. I honestly hope this organisation will grow and become a world known one, because for a person who’s been here for a few hours (first time), I’ve managed to grasp onto much. Most importantly, I’ve realised that there’s much more to life than academic intelligence or developed skills. One needs to practice ‘selfless-ness’ and work their attitudes up, as this is the most unknown key to real success.
Jabulile Nkomo

I am inspired by the vision of the young entrepreneurs, their mind-set, and drive and the potential that the chamber provides to thrust them to their next level, with the necessary support.
Sandy Perry

The session of breaking down a business – this time the Akiki doll:
• There are ideas that other people can help draw out. Ideas that can help the business to be sustainable into the future
• Sales can be achievable if there can be a break down into daily achievable targets
It helps to listen to other people in business to keep in step with your own business.
Audrey Mathebula

How to grow a business.. amazing..!
Suzette Sibold

I got more than a bargain, especially on digital media

Interesting mix of perspectives creating new insights!
Viv Brown

Caesar is amazing. He made so much sense and gave a very different perspective. Very inspiring!

Generational mind-set – ‘most people, most of the time, think only of the now’.
Endless possibilities with networks.
Thank you so much
Pearl Ndlovu

I’m convinced this platform will benefit the young entrepreneurs and create the link with experienced business people.
Muzi Kubeka

It’s important for me, at 23, to think greater and bigger than myself. I am grateful for this event to set my mind on thinking like that, thinking about the actions I need to take in order for me to achieve success on all fronts – importantly financially.
Charmaine Lucas

The session is an eye-opener to see that I am not the only one with challenges. We have different views to issues and it is a learning experience – an exciting one for me.
Nonhlanhla Nxumalo

Gill’s story was very touching and teaches how to overcome major obstacles in life.
Leigh, great advice on where to focus our business
Mark and other guests, importance on getting people to understand there are other things out there above your own belief system

I networked. I met others in my community who I would otherwise not have met. I found out what they do and what motivates them. I came to hear the one person I do know, namely Nic Papas, share some wisdom, but he was not able to attend in the end. Maybe next time.

I thought Saturday morning was profound. I could feel the energy in the room building as people were given the opportunity to share what I close to their hearts. I could sense hope rising and then to link this to networking and linking what I could summarise as what you need I have and what I need you have and lets see how we can work together.
The potential and the timing is so ripe for something like this. I have a feeling it is guided from above and you and other key individuals are being used in a divinely provident way as a tool to ignite a mutual beneficiary movement.
Thank you for your time spent with Clive and George from Phahama today. They have a brilliant concept and they needed someone like you to light the match on the potential to help many people.
Looking forward to get to know you better.
Willem Lindeque

Learning from success – we don’t normally reflect on our past experiences.
Talent themes – was very eye-opening
Eggs can fly scenario – this is very inspiring
Sicelo Brian

1. In my 59 years search of like-minded people, of living my purpose, has begun.
2. Found sound network associates/partnership
3. Found divine destiny helpers to help me to unleash my potential of the treasure gems inside me.
4. Gleaning wisdom from the elders to make my dreams work & give back to the diverse communities of the world, beginning in our beautiful country, South Africa
5. See myself as an agent of change.
Ella Matlapeng

This is a totally life-changing programme, with knowledge, wisdom and potential insights for success. Enjoyed immensely.
Joel Perry

Out of all the Saturdays this was for me the most inspiring and life-changing. The speakers were all mind blowing. WOW!
Charmaine Hofer

You get “normal” (more of the same of that which did not work before) and then you get WOW! (the new normal for serious business people and entrepreneurs who are part of the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce)!
I had the privilege of launching a few businesses and projects in my lifetime but never before did I personally experience such a momentum and synergy in such a short space of time as I did since I joined the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce in November 2016. I ascribe this to the fact that the kind of people that I’ve met around the “Think Business Coffee Club” were mature, no-nonsense entrepreneurs with a strong appreciation of who they were and the value they offer yet humbled by the school of life that all entrepreneurs and business owners go through.
The quality of synergestic relationships that I made since November last year has already led to the point where I’ve been invited to participate in 3 ventures that have listing potential – and that after only one month as a member! With that as a foretaste of things to come, I can’t wait to see where I will be by the end of 2017
For any business owner or entrepreneur that is ready to take his business to the next level in the shortest possible time there is only one way to go – Become a member of the FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce without any further delay!
Jasper Cloete
Owner of Eagles Nest Lodge and Founder of the GIG Cooperative Bank
Jasper Cloete

Seeing experienced business owners being and living their passion and want to share their time and knowledge with others
Moipone Ntseke

I feel as if anyone is able to attend they should. It’s a lifetime of knowledge packaged into a few hours.
Trevor Kufakunesu

The last session helped me to see myself in Steve and to see how my emotional intelligence affects how I do business. Priceless.
I can’t yet afford GIBS – these sessions are of that quality and more. At R550 per month – priceless.
Audrey Mathebula

‘I would firstly like to thank you for your input on Monday , it certainly made me think seriously about a lot of things. Really appreciate that, I am very excited about what you guys are doing.’
’I have already got business from attending the coffee club meeting.. Fantastic, my (new) business is off to a great start thanks to this network.’ Bernie P.
Bernie Prigge

1. What stood out for me was the talk by Colleen Qvist about the circles of influence. We need to be around the right people and have the right mindset and use them to make you and them successful.
2. I got the right connection and push I needed to motivate me to be more confident about my business idea.
Siyanda Zokoza

I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thank you
Gill Lindsell

Accurate information regarding starting a business – or [email protected]
Suzette Sibold

1. Endless possibilities – my brain was engaged and activated – great minds
2. From struggle to significance 3G vision – “WOW!”
Loved every minute. Thank you.
Mfenelo Ndlovu

I’m amazed at the quality of presenters that we are exposed to through the Fourways Community chamber of Commerce. I don’t care how advanced in your own business you’ll be poorer if you don’t attend the Saturday WISDOMS Workshops. Well done Leigh and team
Jasper Cloete

Game changer for me and the next Mlauzi generation
Overt Mlauzi

This is an amazing network, the debates are always intriguing and the learning never stops. Looking forward to fruitful partnering and making money.

This is going to be my hobby and home

I learnt that I just need the right environment, the right minds, the experience of others to help me THINK right.
The ideas are bursting out.. because of being surrounded by scarcity of thinking – I have become stunted.
Definitely motivated and will attend either mid-week or Saturday.
Thanks for doing what you are doing. I can almost cry with gratitude. I don’t know where I would have got this.
Audrey Mathebula

How to reinvent the wheel as far as my business is concerned. How to write a business email. How to grow my business.

..an exciting, educational and empowering program.. that unlocks the fountain of knowledge within the individual participants.. and teaches them to be responsible for their actions, strengthen one’s character and lead him or her to practical implementations in life & business – Sabelo Mahlalela – Chairman of Ziya Group.
Sabelo Mahlalela

I have learnt about making a difference in other people’s lives both positively and negative. Having a generational mindset. Setting goals from different age/life experience. And not just setting goals alone but putting it into action. I am impressed with the way that GIG is already making a difference/impact in people’s lives. Should it continue to grow and grow.
Semakaleng Maloka

Today has been amazing – pearls of wisdom – I’ve come away richer with perspective & knowledge. Look forward to asking questions
Tarryn Fisher

What impressed me most today:
– Commitment to help business succeed
- Expertise
- Opportunity
- Networking
Colin van Blommenstein

Another great leap towards a successful chamber.
Viv Brown

Today I take one thing Ivan said: “Fire – Ready – Aim”. This is how I’ve always done business in the past and it has cost me. All has changed now to : “Aim – Ready – Fire”

The session was thought-provoking and it helped me to look deeper into my business. It motivates me to be more aggressive in creating a funnel.
Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu

Positive contribution to the business marketing vision
Coen Botha

Excellent NEW mix of input!
Viv Brown

Jeff Lomey with “The Action Learning Approach” is fabulous to move from theory and apply the knowledge learned from personal to a business point of view – very excellent
Jasper – priceless
Leigh – Eye opening to understand your target market for your services and knowing the why behind it

The meeting was great. Lots to learn. Thank you

Networking is critical.
Team is where your strength lies.
Knowledge of your own situation.
Knowledge can open doors.
There is so much more to learn.
I have tons of capacity.
Heart of the people.
Bernie Prigge

This is only life changing if I do something with the information I received today.

I learnt quite a lot that I am going to use for my entire life. I got to interact and network with people that are like-minded and will definitely be keeping in touch with them.
Lungu Xaba

I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday. I was again made aware of how much I do know and some sleeping knowledge was awakened. All three sessions were great and brought back some truths – old ones and some new ones.

– limitations on self-belief were challenges, take action, start focusing on what is key for me right now and have the generational mindset.
Bulelwa Mtati

1. Great insights from Mark as speaker
2. Practical approach
3. Can see people are seeking – meetings are beginning to touch the surface of their needs
4. Love abundant and value-driven approach
Colleen Qvist

Intentionally practical and motivating me to action

You do not walk into places like this and have this kind of experience in many places like this.
Wisdoms team is authentic and real. No unrealistic expectations. Only genuine, useful help one will need to grow business. Real tools, real guidance to a pre-determined destination while enjoying the journey.

It was interesting and awesome. I’m looking forward to come for another workshop
Mduduzi Matimela

Insightful; Colleen’s: very informative
Even the tiniest bit of relevant information can make a world of difference in the success of one’s business
Rose Ssali

the talk Caesar gave was inspirational and resonated with my way of think and spoke to the journey I am on in terms of my personal and professional growth and development. Like-minded people to share and collaborate with.

My mind is so renewed and seeing myself fulfilling my greater purpose.
Ella Matlapeng

Very inspirational session today
Bulletproof life – we already have the Apps we need to go through every challenge in this life
We must believe in ourselves because customers buy who we are first – and then the product/service that we are offering
Audrey Mathebula

The chamber lives inside and outside of any one location, it has the ability to link and network the people who are the fabric of this community. This linkage comes in the form of matching resources to meet the need of business and the people who lead and drive it with purpose and enjoy sharing in the exchange of experience, knowledge and the reward that can be achieved.

There is a lot to learn by us young people from forums such as these. Today what stood out for me is:
What is winning/success in our modern world as young people – is it making more money, driving “the” car, staying at “the” address. I have learnt that success is a journey not a destination. Is something I know but today it was made practically possible to understand.

Akiki, created by Fatuma, has once again sparked my entrepreneurial juices. I wish I had thought of the concept.
George L. Joubert

It is important to reflect on success. How you achieved your past successes and to glean from that. It helps in times where you feel hopeless. Thanks for today.
Audrey Mathebula

The learning opportunity was tremendous today, especially in regard to the Conversation Café! Lovely new methodology of communication. Thanks Leigh

Once again, without being here, you will never know what the magic is!

It was a good experience, good platform to not only learn but network as well.

Learning about self and what areas you are strong in and not so strong is always uplifting. Growth is the way forward and I’m extremely excited on the prospects and opportunities
Charmaine Hofer

I don’t have the words to describe
• The love – powerful
• The culture – beyond
• The movement – forward we go
• The skills, talent, knowledge
Lerato Nakedi

Never stop learning, wonderful interaction. Thanks guys

Most enlightening and learnt a lot

I think the speakers complemented each other eg end product, build team, eggs can fly
Winston Lehoko

Thank you. Great to network with others

I learnt that networking with people really helps if you want to start or grow your business. I’ve also learnt that it is important for us to make long-term goals.
Whatever you do you must make sure that you work for generations to come.
Also know that when you have an idea you must not wait for someone to do it or waste time, you must just get up and do it.
Nhlanhla Thungo

Another excellent business presentation! Definitely the youth have to be involved.
George L. Joubert

Leigh – good interaction with audience. Thanks to all speakers to help create another great event.
Jasper Cloete

Mindset, Attitude & working with the inner-self – how that is important and affects the way we do business.
How the emotions can affect our decisions.
Life may be unfair, but we still have to set Achievable/Attainable goals.
There may be challenges but we have this forum – FOURWAYS Chamber – with intellectuals to help with achieving the goals.
Maria Lucas

Gained a lot of knowledge and very excited to improve on my life-changing skills. Very eye-opening.
Catherine Booysen

Personal Development
Generational Mind-set
People supporting one another – esp. young people
For a better tomorrow
Development of our country
Maria Lucas

Inspirational and gets you thinking

What impressed me the most.
The participants responses.
Very well organised.
Rose SSali

The perspective shift that comes from thinking “One day my success will be judged on the success of my grandkids”.
Nkululeko Kubeka

How to follow easy steps from starting to the goal


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